About Us- GlobalInfo

GlobalInfo Ltd is Auckland based web design company.  We’ve been helping businesses to grow since 2006.

We specialise in web technologies and can work with you on web design, website development, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization in Auckland and across the globe.

We offer a wide range of essential internet services to businesses, from small to large, start-ups to specialists.

We are a trusted one-stop solution for our client’s online needs. We’ve helped satisfied customers with their online marketing, website analytics, cloud computing, email marketing, web hosting, website security and Search Engine Optimization.  We also provide consultancy and training.

Our webmaster services in New Zealand have freed up our clients to focus on their core business.  Whether it was a domain name registration or uploading a photo album to their website gallery, we’ve done it quickly and exceeded expectations.

GlobalInfo has a lot of experience in web metrics.  We believe that if you don’t measure your growth, there’s a danger of misinterpreting your success parameters.  We favour Google Analytics to gives the best insights into your website traffic behaviour and show the return on your marketing investments.

We have an established reputation for helping our clients spend their marketing budget wisely.  We are proud to be trusted business partners our clients return to again and again.

100% NZ owned, Several happy clients