Want to know more about advertising on Google?

Google Ads NZ/ Google Adwords

Have you ever heard of Google Adwords? Do you have an idea about this type of Search Engine Marketing??? If your answer is No, then let us explain you in simple words. Advertising on Google is called Google Ads/ Adwords. It is one of the most effective online media to advertise your business.

There are myths around that Pay-Per-Click advertisements eat away your marketing budget with no recognizable lead generation. However, from working in the internet marketing field over the last six years, GlobalInfo believes that Google Ads NZ is a very effective way to get your website on top in search results in the form of advertisements. It also helps the businesses grow by increasing the conversions. Advertising on the Display Network is also a good way of attracting customers. Anybody can start with this advertising, but It requires professionals for proper Keyword planning and smart bidding strategies to yield good results.

Do you know that You won’t pay any amount unless your website gets clicked? Yes, you read it right. You won’t be spending a penny if your site doesn’t get clicked, And so it is called as Pay per click Advertising or PPC. It lets you track every dollar spent on incoming traffic to your site. It’s easy to set up and, you can start your advertising campaigns immediately. Unlike traditional advertising, in this type of Marketing, you can measure the conversions and also the website traffic.

Thinking how these campaigns are created .Let us Explain briefly:

  • Google Ads account is created
  • New Campaign is created
  • Budget is set / Bidding method is decided
  • Ad schedule/ Custom Audience is selected
  • High Volume keywords are selected and grouped together Called as Adgroups
  • Ads are created for each Adgroup
  • A/B split Testing is done

Contact us to know more about Google ads and start your advertisements with us. We even do Display campaigns, Shopping campaigns, Youtube advertising etc.